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For the Ladies: A Starter Guide to Personal Security


Traveling as a woman is an adventure, an opportunity for self-discovery, cultural immersion, and boundless exploration. While the world awaits your exploration, ensuring your safety and security on the road is paramount. Women are increasingly traveling independently or in female-centric groups, making up a substantial portion of global travelers. Studies indicate that women accounted for approximately 60-70% of travel decisions worldwide and were taking more trips compared to previous years. This trend highlighted women’s growing confidence in exploring the world, seeking adventure, and embracing cultural experiences. The number of trips varied by individual, ranging from frequent weekend getaways to annual vacations or longer-term travel adventures. This increase in travel by women reflected a desire for independence, self-discovery, and a thirst for diverse cultural encounters while ensuring safety and empowerment on their journeys. Whether you’re embarking on a solo adventure or business trip or exploring with friends, certain considerations can enhance your travel experience and ensure your safety and comfort along the way.

At the heart of your travel preparation lies thorough research and thoughtful planning. Dive into a wealth of knowledge about your destination, understanding local customs, cultural norms, and any specific safety precautions unique to the area. Seek insights from women-centric travel communities, gathering invaluable firsthand experiences and tips from fellow explorers.

Amidst the excitement of discovery, prioritize your safety. Select accommodations in secure locales, familiarize yourself with local emergency contact information, and establish a contingency plan to navigate unforeseen situations with ease. Your packing endeavors should harmonize with cultural sensibilities and comfort. Select attire that aligns with local customs while ensuring versatility, and pack essentials such as portable chargers, basic medications, and copies of vital documents to fortify your preparedness.

Your intuition becomes a trusted companion on your travels. Listen to your instincts regarding people, locations, or situations encountered along the way. Grant yourself the freedom to step away or seek assistance if any situation feels discomforting.

Staying connected with your support network is invaluable. Share your itinerary with loved ones, maintain regular communication, and utilize technology for real-time location sharing to enhance your security. 

Embarking on a journey as a woman encapsulates a spectrum of emotions—self-discovery, empowerment, and an appreciation for the diverse landscapes of our world. By embracing preparation, vigilance, and the freedom of exploration, you pave the way for transformative travel experiences that enrich your life and inspire others. Check out our top apps that every woman should consider downloading for both travel and everyday life.

 Noonlight (formerly SafeTrek)

  • *Features: Noonlight provides a simple but effective safety mechanism. If you feel unsafe, you hold down a button in the app. Once released, if you don’t enter your PIN in a set time, Noonlight will notify local police with your location and emergency information.
  • Availability**: iOS, Android


  • Features: This app offers a wide range of safety features, including SOS signaling, live location sharing, voice activation, and a timer that automatically sends an SOS message if you haven’t checked in. It also allows you to broadcast and record emergency video.
  • Availability: iOS, Android


  • Features: Primarily a location-sharing app, Life360 allows families or friends to create private groups to share their location in real time. It also includes crash detection, roadside assistance, and help alert features, making it useful for travelers.
  • Availability: iOS, Android

TripWhistle Global SOS

  • Features: This app provides you with local emergency numbers (police, medical, and fire) for almost every country in the world. It also enables you to send your location to any contact in an emergency.
  • Availability: iOS


  • Features: Safetipin is designed to help you make informed decisions about your safety by providing safety scores for different areas. It uses data like lighting, openness, visibility, security, and crowd to calculate the safety score of a location.
  • Availability: iOS, Android

Circle of 6

Features: Designed for college students but useful for anyone, Circle of 6 lets you choose up to 6 trusted friends to add to your circle. With just two taps, you can send them a pre-programmed SMS alert message with your exact location.

  • Availability: iOS, Android


  • Features: Geosure provides safety scores for neighborhoods, cities, and countries based on factors like environmental threats, political unrest, and health risks. It’s a great app for planning your travel destinations with safety in mind.
  • Availability: iOS, Android

When choosing a safety app, consider the features that are most important to you, such as real-time location sharing, emergency services integration, or the ability to alert your contacts. Also, always ensure your chosen app is up-to-date and has positive recent reviews for the best experience and reliability.

Your Safety. Our Priority.

Travel Safety Solutions  

Joanne McNellis

Joanne McNellis

At the forefront of Travel Safety Solutions stands Joanne McNellis, our founder, and the driving force behind our company’s ethos. With a distinguished career spanning over two decades in the travel industry, Joanne is a reservoir of unparalleled knowledge and expertise. Her profound devotion to traveler community with an emphasis on safety and well-being echoes her contagious passion for travel.

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  1. Thanks for sharing! My daughter and her friends are taking their first trip alone in the coming months so i will be making sure they are prepared!

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