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Safe Travels, Happy Tails: Your Complete Guide to Pet-Friendly Travel Safety

When traveling with pets, ensuring their safety is a top priority. Whether you are flying, camping, taking
a car ride, or staying at a hotel, you will need essential tips to keep your furry friends safe and
comfortable throughout the journey.

Traveling by Airplane

  • Choose a Pet-Friendly Airline
    o Research airlines that have pet-friendly policies and offer safe travel options for pets.
    Some airlines even have special programs for pets, including climate-controlled holding
    areas and attentive staff.
    o If your pet must fly in the “belly” of the aircraft, we recommend doing extensive
    research on the airline and consulting with a veterinarian prior to deciding on this
    option. There have been many incidents where pets do not survive the journey usually
    due to the extreme cold temperatures of the plane. Flying your pet in the cabin of the
    aircraft, depending on weight restrictions and policies, is the safest option.
  • Proper Crate Training
    o Introduce your pet to the travel crate well in advance, making it a comfortable and
    familiar space. The crate should be airline-approved and spacious enough for your pet to
    stand, turn around, and lie down.

  • Health Check-up
    o Schedule a visit to the vet before the trip. Ensure your pet’s vaccinations are up
    to date and obtain a health certificate if required by the airline or destination.
    o If this is your pet’s first time traveling, inquire about a mild sedative in the event your
    pet is overanxious during your trip.
  • Identification and Documentation
    o Attach a secure ID tag to your pet’s collar and place a duplicate tag on the crate.
    Additionally, carry all necessary documents such as health records, vaccination
    certificates, and any required permits.
  • Comfort Items
    o Pack familiar items, such as your pet’s favorite toys, blankets, and treats, to provide
    comfort during the flight.

Camping and Car Rides

  • Secure Restraints
    o When traveling by car, always use a pet seat belt, carrier, or a secured area in the car to
    prevent your pet from roaming freely. This ensures safety in case of sudden stops or
  • Regular Breaks
    o Schedule frequent breaks during car rides to allow your pet to stretch, drink water, and
    relieve themselves. Keep them on a leash during rest stops.
  • Climate Consideration
    o Be mindful of the temperature inside the car or tent. Never leave your pet unattended
    in a hot car, and ensure they have adequate ventilation and shade while camping.
  • Pack Essentials
    o Bring along your pet’s regular food, water, and any medications they may need. Also,
    carry a first-aid kit specifically designed for pets.
  • Local Regulations
    o Research and adhere to local regulations and restrictions regarding pets in camping
    areas or on hiking trails.

Increasingly, hotels are modifying their policies to allow guests to bring their beloved pet with them
when they travel. There has been an up-tick in the number of chains allowing hotels where it is
becoming more the norm than the exception.

  • Choose hotels that are pet-friendly and have policies accommodating animals. Ensure that the
    hotel allows pets in the room and inquire about any additional fees or restrictions.
  • Some hotels allow pets, but only if they are always with their owners. While others let you leave
    your pet unattended, but only if they are contained to a crate. Pet owners who want a few hours
    of vacation from their pet should consider hotels that allow pets to be left unattended in the
    rooms. You will want to know how to alert housekeeping to not enter if there is an animal
  • Many hotels charge non-refundable cleaning fees.
  • Respectful Behavior
    o Keep your pet well-behaved in the hotel. Use a crate if necessary and avoid leaving your
    pet unattended in the room to prevent anxiety or damage.
  • Explore Pet-Friendly Amenities
    o Inquire about nearby pet-friendly parks, walking areas, or amenities offered by the hotel
    for pets.
  • Cleaning and Hygiene
    o Clean up after your pet both inside the room and in the hotel’s public areas. This
    includes properly disposing of waste and preventing any damage to the hotel property.
  • Emergency Information
    o Locate the nearest veterinary clinic or animal hospital at your destination in case of any
    unforeseen emergencies. Check their hours and look for one with 24/7 care.

Hotel Chain – Pet Policy Overviews and Links

Best Western – With 1,200 pet friendly hotels in North America, Best Western imposes a maximum fee
of $30 per day. Some properties offer dedicated places to walk your dog and even pet friendly restaurants.

Choice Hotels – 3,500 pet friendly options across the United States. Pet fees vary per property and range
between $10-$75 per night.
Hilton Hotels – Welcoming pets in 5,000 hotels across seven brands in the United States and Canada.

Hyatt Hotels – 598 hotels offer pet friendly accommodations for travelers. Some offer special touches
like pet photo shoots, doggy beds and more.

IHG – IHG brand, Kimpton was one of the first hotel brands to offer pet friendly accommodations at no
additional charge to guests with no limit to the number of pets with no size or weight limits.

Loews Hotels – “Loews Loves Pets” is their slogan and boy do they! Room service, dog walking maps,
and specialized bedding top the list of amenities Loews offers their pet guests.

Marriott – Many brands in the Marriott family allow pets and offer unique amenities to pet guests like
gift boxes and toys.

By following these comprehensive tips, you can ensure your pet’s safety and well-being during all
aspects of your travels. Remember, a well-prepared and mindful approach to pet travel can make the
journey enjoyable for both you and your furry companion.

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